Date of birth: 27 August 2002
CEA Status N/A
CL Status: "CLEAR" by parentage
Hip Score: N/A
Elbow Score: N/A


"Tully" lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches with his owners Sharon and Will.  This dog has the most amazing array of tricks!! In 2006 he earned his first title "CCD".  We're are sure this will be the first of many titles for this very smart border collie


News for 2007 !! Tully is now a CD!! Congratulations Tully and Sharon!







Sire Grandparents Great Grandparents
Ch/Fin/Est/Am Ch Nahrof The Cohort TD Ch/Jp Ch Nahrof The Talisman Ch Sheermyst Direct Hit
Gr Ch Nahrof Formal Affair
Ch Nahrof Echoes Of An Era Ch Ansavon Sono Thor
Gotrah Celtic Brie CD TDX
Dam Grandparents Great Grandparents
Bomakay Gypsy Rose Bokirk Dappa Dan Bokirk Total Attraction
Bokirk Sweet Biscuit
Bokirk Sweet Brandy Ch Korella Gaelic Tartan CD TDX
Ch Borderheath Maggie May