Both Benshiva and Nahrof have some exciting litters planned for 2013.  Details will be posted on as well as here when confirmed




All our puppies are raised on Advance and we are very proud to be


  Litter 10   D.O.B  3 April 2010  ~   Gr Ch Yarrancoly The Real Deal  x   Benshiva Trouble In Paradise
Benshiva Burn For You -
Benshiva Big Girls Don't Cry - "Sookie"
Benshiva Dreams And Schemes - "Aspen"
Benshiva Walk Like A Man - "Frankie"
Benshiva Walk The Line -
  Litter 9  D.O.B  30 September 2008 ~ Nahrof  Turn The Page  x  Pikkupaimenen Now And Forever
Benshiva Wicked Games
Benshiva Pretty Vegas - "Jess"
Benshiva Electric Blue - "Ellie"
Benshiva Forever Near - "Buddy"
Benshiva Wicked Is As Wicked Does - "Oz"
Benshiva Dungeons And Dragons - "Balor"
Benshiva Defying Gravity - "Rani"
Benshiva Bullet The Blue Sky - "Kiju"
  Litter 8   D.O.B 7 April 2008  ~ Ch/Eng Sh Ch Nahrof No Comment  x  Ch Benshiva Wayward Angel PT
Benshiva Old World New World - "Darcy"
Benshiva White Is The New Black - "Hannah"
Benshiva Trouble In Paradise - "Trouble"
  Litter 7  D.O.B 23 March 2006  ~  Gr Ch Benshiva Dot Com  x  Bomakay Gypsy Rose
Benshiva Kostya Tsyu - "Jed"
Benshiva Girl On Fire - "Roma"
Benshiva Kiss My Brass - "Stella"
  Litter 6  D.O.B 23 August 2005  ~  Gr Ch Nahrof Say No More  x  Ch Benshiva Heaven Can Wait JD
Benshiva Say A Little Prayer -
Benshiva Sportsman - "Sporty"
Benshiva Rafiki - "Rafiki"
Benshiva Wait No More - "Carter"
Benshiva All The Voices - "Flash"
Benshiva Heavens Above - "Dercy"
  Litter 5  D.O.B 7 October 2004  ~  Ch Wiralee Wild World  x  Ch Scaysbrook Rambling Rose CD AD JD
Benshiva Jumping Jack - "Flash"
Benshiva By My Side - "Sassy"
Benshiva Wayward Angel - "KC"
Benshiva The Dark Side - "Zali"
Benshiva Ebonee Crystal - "Chase"
  Litter 4  D.O.B 17 April 2003  ~  Gr Ch Yarrancoly Who Dares Wins  x  Ch Benshiva The Slayer
Benshiva Double Dare - "Syrah"
Benshiva I Dare You - "Harry"
Benshiva Making Waves - "Splash"
Benshiva Mystify Me - "Cooper"
Benshiva Shall We Dance - "Aria
Benshiva Truth Or Dare - "Ziggy"
  Litter 3  D.O.B 27 August 2001  ~  Ch/Fin/Est/Am Ch Nahrof The Cohort TD HSAs  x  Bomakay Gypsy Rose
Benshiva The Oracle - "Rori"
Benshiva Wish Upona Star - "Bonnie"
Benshiva Eleganty Wasted - "Ellie"
Benshiva Lord Of The Rings - "Hunter"
Benshiva Noble Acomplice - "Tully"
  Litter 2   D.O.B 6 September 2001  ~  Ch Nahrof Show No Mercy  x  Ch Scaysbrook Rambing Rose CD JD AD
Benshiva Heaven Can Wait - "Angel"
Benshiva Flash In The Pan - "Ben
Benshiva Lord Have Mercy - "Tyler"
Benshiva Fallen Angel - "Bella"
Benshiva Devil N Disguise - "Faith"
Benshiva Devil Inside - "Shimmer"
  Litter 1  D.O.B  26 July 2000  ~  Gr Ch Danbeth Fullstop  x  Ch Scaysbrook Rambling Rose CD JD AD
Benshiva Heaven Sent - "Molly"
Benshiva Cabana Cove - "Jamie"
Benshiva Dot Com - "Webster"
Benshiva Kiss The Dirt - "Jackson"
Benshiva The Slayer - "Buffy"
Benshiva Jump For Joy - "Millie"
Benshiva Blade Runner - "Ben"
Benshiva Vasse Felix - "Floyd"