This page is dedicated to our dogs who now have their wings.  Each one of them played a very special part in our lives and we honour them here.  


20 January 1999 - 11 July 2012

My sister's beloved girl and a wonderful Border Collie.  Rest easy Gypsy.




26 July 2000 - 18 September 2011


There are no words to describe his loss.   There will never be another like him. Those who knew him well understand our loss. He truly was a "once in a lifetime" dog.  Always loved,  always remembered, a remarkable Border Collie. You can click on his photo to visit his page 

To visit Webster's YouTube tribute please visit: 




21 June 2008 - 30 March 2011

  A beautiful young girl taken way before her time.  Gone before she really had a chance to shine.  She will always be forever young  



30 October 1997 - 24 March 2010

  The foundation of Benshiva Border Collies and the most wonderful dog I've ever known.  We were blessed to have this versatile girl in our home and all who knew her adored her.  She has left a huge hole in our hearts and home and we miss her every day.  A GRAND dog in every way that matters  



26 July 2000 - 26 July 2008

  A truly lovely girl in every sense of the word and sadly missed by those who loved her. Rest easy beautiful girl.  



1997 - 2006

  A larger than life boy who lived life to the full!  He died way before his time.  Always remembered.  



1996 - 2002

  Our first Border Collie.  A challenge to live with at times, he was most certainly Brett's dog and because of this the reason that Shiva came to be here.  We have a LOT to thank him for!