Date of Birth: 7 April 2008
CEA Status: Clear by parentage
CL Status: Tested: BRC1907 "Clear"
TNS Status: Clear by parentage
Gonioscopy: Normal
Hip Score: 0:3
Elbow Score: 0:0


"Trouble" is the culmination of a long held dream of ours.

Keeper (Ch/Eng Sh Ch Nahrof No Comment) is a dog that I have always adored both in pedigree and in photos and video.  He is one of those dogs that you wish you had been around in his "hey day" to see in the flesh or to have the chance to add him to your breeding program.  I'm sure we all have that dog we dream of in such a way.

What an absolute thrill for us when Lauren and Errol of Nahrof Border Collies FINALLY got their hands on some semen that they had collected and frozen many years ago.  Among those collections was some very prized semen from Keeper and they said YES when I asked (or begged) them to let me use some.

With the assistance of my former work mates and boss at Frozen Puppies Dot Com, not to mention the extreme generosity of our friends at Nahrof, our dream was realised when three lovely babies entered the world, the result of a surgical implant to our KC.

Trouble has been in the show ring the grand total of 2 times so far for two baby in shows!!!

She gave us a beautiful litter in 2010 and we look forward to watching these babies grow.





Sire Grandparents Great Grandparents
Ch/Eng Sh Ch Nahrof No Comment Gr Ch/Am Ch Nahrof First Edition CD Ch Beechwood Boots N All
Gotrah Celtic Brie TDX CD
Gr Ch Nahrof Formal Affair Ch/NZ/Jp Ch Windygyle Maori Chief
Ch Kantalpa Tuxn Tales
Dam Grandparents Great Grandparents
Ch Benshiva Wayward Angel PT Ch Wiralee Wild World Ch Danbeth Black Label
Ch Wiralee Moonshadow
Ch Scaysbrook Rambling Rose CD AD JD Ch Korella Gaelic Tartan CD TDX
Scaysbrook Ebonee Rose CD