The following titles are in my own collection and I have found them very useful tools.


Tricks of The Trade (from best intentions to Best in Show)

Pat Hastings (Author)
The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog

Ann Seranne (Author)
K9 Structure and Terminology

Edward M Gilbert jr & Thelma R Brown (Authors)
The Winning Edge

George G Alston & Connie Vanacore (Authors)
New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling

Peter Green & Mario Migliorimi (Authors)
Book Of The Bitch

J M Evans & Kay White (Authors)
Winning With Pure Bred Dogs (Success By Design)

Dr Alvin Grossman & Beverly Grossman (Authors)
Veterinary Notes For Dog Owners

Trevor Turner BVet Med, MRCVS (Editor)
The Dog In Action

McDowell Lyon (Author)
Solving The Mysteries of Breed Type

Richard Beauchamp (Author)
The New Dog Owners Manual

Karen Hedberg (Author)
The New DogSteps

Rachel Page Elliott (Author)
Genetics (An introduction for Dog Breeders)

Jackie Isabell (Author)
Canine Reproduction

Phyllis A Holst MS DVM (Author)
Canine Terminology

Harold R Spira (Author)
Successful Dog Breeding

Chris Walkowicz & Bonnie Wilcox (Authors)
Born to Win Breed To Succeed

Patricia Craige Trotter